THC 23-30% CBD <1%

This is a Snowball that you won’t mind being hit with. The strain gained its name from a thick coating of crystal trichomes and large fluffy nugs. High THC levels make this strain an Indica-dominant powerhouse, ready to tackle insomnia and pain.


Snowball is a cross between The White and Chem 4 OG S1. It retains the best characteristics of both parents: a thick layer of frosty trichomes from the former, and a breath-taking aroma of fuel and chemicals from the latter.

The result is an Indica-dominant strain with sky-high levels of THC. The buds are fluffy and usually large, copious trichomes are always present. The scent is lightly lemony and creamy at first whiff, breaking into diesel notes when ground. Sour citrus carries over to the smoke, developing into a thick hashiness.

Along with record-breaking THC levels near 30%, Snowball boasts an equally impressive array of terpenes, with CBG comprising nearly 1.5% of dry weight. The combination makes the strain ideal for many medicinal applications, especially those related to inflammation. In true Indica fashion, Snowball can melt away worries and leave you happily couch-locked and ready for a satisfying sleep.


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