Mob Boss

THC 15-24% CBD <1%

Mob Boss is exactly like its namesake—two-faced, dripping in crystal, might punch you in the face—but ultimately is a pretty ordinary guy with a big title. Two distinct phenotypes make Mob Boss unpredictable, but the scent easily gives away the surprise.


Mob Boss is not your ordinary strain. It’s derived from a cross between Chemdawg D and Tang Tang, but each seed has the ability to closely mirror one or the other. Because of this, each pick-up is a bit of a guessing game, with only the characteristic chemical scent of Chemdawg D to guide the way.

Depending on which Mob Boss you’re dealing with, you may have a relaxed Indica-dominant experience, or you may get smacked with the cerebral energy of Chemdawg D. What they both share in common is their incredible production of cannabinoid-rich resin that thickly coats both buds and leaves alike. This makes Mob Boss ideal for further processing into hash, BHO, and other products.

But looks aren’t everything: the high is surprisingly mild in most cases, unless you’re the lucky one to catch the wrath of a Chemdawg D-fueled Mob Boss. This phenotype will have a sharper scent and flavor, while Tang Tang mellows both into light citrus and herbs. Owing to the hefty resin production, the smoke is thick and sometimes harsh, with distinct hash-like flavor.

The happy, relaxed, and productive atmosphere provided by Mob Boss is preferred among those with muscle tension, appetite loss, stress, and anxiety. This Boss will keep you alert and motivated, even when the heat feels like a little too much.


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