Quantum Kush

THC 19-30% CBD <1%

This kush is called Quantum for a reason, it once held the title of strongest strain. Clear-headed and cerebral, this sweetly tropical-flavored Sativa hybrid will leave you euphoric and happy. Perfect for relieving pain and depression, along with spurring appetite.


Quantum Kush received its perfect balance of near-psychedelic euphoria from its parents Timewreck and Sweet Irish Kush. The former is nearly overwhelming for some, with Quantum benefiting from the latter’s Kush ancestry. The incredibly high levels of THC — often nearing 30% — may still be a little too much for novices, with the possibility for some paranoia or anxiety.

The small compact buds of Quantum Kush are usually a pale olive color, with flecks of violet if grown in the right conditions. They have a mild tropical aroma, with hints of pineapple and sweet citrus. The smell can fill a room when the buds are broken, Quantum’s grandfather OG Kush passed on some of its earthy, skunky features.

The high comes on fast and strong, bringing with it euphoria, and stimulating deep thoughts. Quantum Kush has the power to melt away stress, pain, nausea, and feelings of depression. It’s a great way to start the day if there’s nothing you need to focus on.


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