Black Cherry Punch

THC 20-25% CBD 1-2%

Black Cherry Punch is a terpene-rich hybrid with a complex profile that can range from earthy pine to an almost artificial sweetness. Cerebral and euphoric, you’ll still be able to focus while your body relaxes.


Black Cherry Punch is a hybrid that gets most of its features from Indica heritage, a cross between Black Cherry Pie and Purple Punch. These parents passed on a complex terpene profile that can make this strain particularly variable between batches. The sheer quantity of terps in Black Cherry Punch also makes it excellent for cannabis concentrates and extracts.

There’s also a tonne of THC in this Punch, usually above 20%. CBD is also present, great for clear-headed medication for stress and pain. Aromas range from earthy pine notes to a floral sweetness that suits its name. The scents are reflected in flavor and leaving an aftertaste of grassy hay.

The fluffy, dark green nugs of Black Cherry Punch will hit you with a focused and cerebral high that borders on euphoric. The Indica nature of this strain works in the background, providing a profound, full-body relaxation.


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