4 Best Honeycomb Bongs – Your Buyer’s guide

Smoother bong hits are possible with a honeycomb bong. A honeycomb bong will give you smoother hits. These percolator bongs can divide your smoke into tiny bubbles and filter your hits. Discover the best honeycomb bongs currently available.

Honeycomb bongs provide a wonderful way to obtain a smooth and consistent drag. The tiny holes that look like honeycombs were made to filter out any substances that could harm your throat.

These units will give you an exceptional smoking experience. Below are some of today’s best honeycomb bongs.

Best Honeycomb Bongs

It was hard and challenging for us to decide on the top honeycomb bongs. Out of the dozens upon dozens of honeycomb bongs we tried and reviewed, this is the list we came up with. It includes our most-loved honeycomb bongs as well as the top-tier premium honeycomb bongs. The top honeycomb bongs are listed below.

Dopezilla’s Cerberus handcrafted from the best borosilicate glass, and delivered in a matching box.

The Cerberus Straight HoneyComb Dab Rifle is part of the latest collection. The Cerberus Straight HoneyComb Dab Rig is a clear straight tube ice machine with a quartz banger, colored base, percolator mouthpiece and custom-made monster logo. It’s very easy to maintain and clean. The honeycomb-percolator breaks up smoke and creates bubbles for smooth hits. To ensure maximum filtration and frosty taste, the bullet-hole Ice pinch lets you place a few pieces of ice into the top tube.

The Cerberus Straight honeycomb dab rig includes a male quartz banger. The banger lets you heat your extracts quickly and easily, without having to worry about a dome or nail. The banger’s shape prevents it rolling on a smooth surface.

This is the ideal match for you if your looking for a sturdy and unique dab-rig with great percolation power that will enhance your glass collection. Cerberus as well as the rest of Dopezilla’s collection are available here for the best possible prices.

Dopezilla Cerberus Straight HoneyComb Dab Rig | 8 Inch

Dopezilla Cerberus Straight HoneyComb Dab Rig | 8 Inch

Dopezilla just launched a brand-new collection. It includes four stunning pieces: three pens and this amazing mini dab pen rig. All are adorned by their own terrifying monsters.

If you don’t know where to look, finding the perfect honeycomb can be difficult.

You will find it difficult to decide which honeycomb bong is right for you. There are many options on the market.

Our cannabis experts team have reviewed over 12 of the most highly rated honeycombs bongs in the industry for 2022. This will ensure that you get only the highest quality honeycomb bongs, the best budget honeycomb bongs, and the best honeycomb bangles for your daily use.

Melting Bubble Dab Straw Collector

Melting Bubble Dab Straw Collector

It’s not a bad thing that half of your concentrates end up in the trash while you use your dab rod. You can avoid this by using a dab syringe instead. A dab straw effectively vaporizes concentrate so that it passes through the pipe straight into your mouth.

The Pulsar-Melting Bubble Dab Straw Collector is a stunning straw that looks just as good as its job.

This dab straw is sleek and funky in color. The middle has a honeycomb-shaped bubble design that separates it from the body.

To use, heat the tip and dip the tip in the concentrate. Inhale from the mouthpiece.

Get this durable pipe to sip your delicious concentrates conveniently.

Bubble Concentrate Rig w/ Fixed Downstem

Bubble Concentrate Rig w/ Fixed Downstem

Your entire life shouldn’t be spent in a bubble of lame-rigged rigs. This scientific borosilicate-glass Bubble Concentrate Rig is equipped with a fixed, sloping downstem that dives into its bubble design. This LA Pipes piece, handcrafted in Los Angeles is another example of the company’s commitment to producing quality, timeless designs.

It’s compact size makes it a great vessel for concentrates.

The elegant design of the piece will attract respect from everyone. It’s a formidable piece and has filtration power that will yield well-rounded dab (literally).

The Double-cycler dual chamber recycler with showerhead perc

The Double-cycler dual chamber recycler with showerhead perc

The amazing Double-cycler allows you to enter the worlds of scientific glass. This recycler, which measures 10 inches in height, allows you to experience some incredible rips.

The rig’s double chamber recycler design swirls the smoke in water multiple times before it gets to the mouthpiece. The chambers come with disc perc and showerhead perch to ensure smooth rips. This bad boy comes with a reinforced 90° joint that can hold the 14.5mm male Quartz banger. The piece features subtle color accents at the base and percolators for a luxurious, elegant look.

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