The 5 Best Gas Mask Bongs to Bake Yourself Out

Gas masks are an effective way to keep potentially hazardous vapors out of your lungs. Gas mask bongs are an effective way to keep THC-laden smoke in your lungs!

Whether you’re in the market for one yourself or looking for a cool stoner gift for your favorite smoker, here are the 5 best gas mask bongs!



Gas Mask Bong

The 5 Best Gas Mask Bongs to Bake Yourself Out

Gas mask water pipes can be intense for new and old smokers. This bong has the best filtration that’s easy on the lungs for a more enjoyable high.

Top 5 Gas Mask Bongs

Bongs designed like gas masks are an excellent gift for habitual smokers, proud vets, or someone looking to get higher than a fighter aircraft. These masks are more expensive than other smoking tools, such as cheap bongs.

Buying a gas mask bong that leaks or doesn’t work would suck…and not in a good way. Here are the best bongs to double as gas masks, so you can suck up all that good loud!

What to Expect:

  • The best gas mask water pipe to travel with
  • Which gas mask water bong is most comfortable
  • Gas mask bongs to avoid!

1 & 2. Project X


Thanks to Project X, Wakanda is forever! Well, that is until their Project X Gas Mask Water Pipe Hookah for Party Black Panther Costume breaks.

This hookah is amazing in theory. You can detach the bong to have a Black Panther-looking mask.

It’s the perfect Halloween costume that is also practical for a smoker. They can just attach their tube, light up, detach, and then walk around feeling like, “I’m am your king now!’

Unfortunately, this novelty gas mask bong doesn’t last quite forever. The bong itself is prone to leaking after a few uses.

Before you know it, you’ll find yourself saying, “Bury me in the ocean,” because your floor will be flooded.


Their Gas Mask Hookah Bon Silicone Protective Mask Black is not much better in terms of leakage. Plus, the head straps aren’t firm and prone to snapping.

The attachable bong itself is pretty neat. It is adorned with a badass-looking skull.

If you’re looking for a gas mask bong to buy on Amazon, we’d lean towards the Gas Mask Hookah Bon Silicone Protective Mask Black, unless you are a Black Panther fan.

We like that the Silicone Protective Mask is clear. That way, you can watch the smoke bake out your friends when it’s their turn!


Project X Gas Mask Water Pipe Hookah for Party Black Panther Costume:

  • Mask: 9 Inches x 6 Inches
  • Pipe: 10 Inches
  • Metal Bowl
  • Black Panther Mask

Gas Mask Hookah Bon Silicone Protective Mask Black:

  • Mask: 8.9 Inches x 6.7 Inches
  • Pipe: 7.9 Inches x 1.7 Inches
  • Food grade Acrylic Pipe
  • Skull Bong
  • Metal Bowl


  • Really Convenient Add-On to Amazon Prime Orders
  • One of the Cheapest Gas Mask Bongs
  • Black Panther Mask Looks Really Cool, Perfect Costume for a Stoner Who Loves Wakanda


  • Very Poorly Made, Straps and Pipes Prone to Degrading
  • Bong Is Almost Guaranteed to Leak
  • Not A Forever Pipe

3. Monster Straight Tube Gas Mask


Channel your inner alien who is on a heckuva trip with this Monster Straight Tube Gas Mask. We love the bright colors and monster-shape of this gas mask bong. Everyone will be excited to try it on when you pull it out!

The straight tubing on this piece has a bent neck on the end. That’s where the bowl is.

This little nuance is clutch because it’s hard to see straight down when you light up with a gas mask on. Thanks to the small hinge at the bottom of this pipe, you won’t be lighting aimlessly!

All of these parts are detachable, which makes this one of the easiest masks to clean. Cleaning will definitely be a must.

Silicone tends to stick to your skin, creating a bit more sweat. It also will hold that sweat longer than plastic, glass, or other common materials made to use smoking devices.

Unlike Project X, this could be a forever mask. Silicone is nearly indestructible.

This gas mask is also one of the easiest to bring with you on-the-go. Silicone is easy to manipulate.

You can twist, fold, or shove this bad boy into any bag. Since everything is detachable (even the metal downstem), packing this bong will be a piece of cake!


  • BPA-Free Food-Grade Silicone
  • Food-Grade Acrylic Plastic Bong
  • Removable Metal Downstem and Bowl
  • Straight Tube with Bent Tip
  • Adjustable Head Straps


  • Adjustable Head Straps Are Easy to Use and Secures the Mask Perfectly to the Head
  • Bent Tip on Tube Makes Lighting Much Easier
  • Awesome Colors, Looks Badass
  • Really Easy to Clean Since Everything Is Detachable
  • Great Portable Gas Mask Bong


  • Suctions to Face, Awkward to Remove
  • Requires A Lot of Cleaning

4. Badass Glass Gas Mask Bong


Gas mask bongs are a great way to get high, but they can also feel a bit awkward. The Badass Glass Gas Mask Bong is the most comfortable on this list.

Other gas mask bongs have longer fronts and smaller backs. These make for tighter fits around the temples and cranium.

This mask has a smaller front that’s more snug to the face. Its ergonomics creates less pressure on the back of the head, making for a calming smoking experience.

Due to the 45 degree rotation of the joint, the bowl on this mask is a little closer to the face than some of the other bongs.

This placement makes this bong the easiest to watch while you light up. However, your eyes will be close to the flame, so light up responsibly!

Like the Monster, this gas mask is made out of silicone. So, it’s great for on-the-go bong rips.

However, its detachable bong ALSO collapses. This small detail makes this a slightly better traveling gas mask bong.


  • 12 Inches Long
  • Silicone Gas Mask
  • Detachable and Collapsable Acrylic Pipe
  • Metal Bowl
  • Adjustable Head Straps


  • Extremely Easy to Clean
  • Very High-Quality Mask with Tight Suction That Is Comfortable
  • Easy to See As You Light Up


  • Flame Can Get Close to the Face

5. Toker Supply Gas Mask Bong


We love us some gas mask bongs. However, they can be pretty intense.

Some people might require more filtration than others. Then, they will want to scope out the Toker Supply Gas Mask Bong.

The Toker Supply Gas Mask Bong will be the easiest on your lungs and preserve your buds’ natural flavors best.

This gas mask water pipe has a larger basin that holds water. Its shape allows hot smoke more time to swirl around and cool down before hitting your lips.
In terms of aesthetics, this has a minimalist vibe. You won’t have the flashy colors found in the Monster or be fighting off villains like you would donning a Project X.

However, non-flashiness is the vibe of many smokers. So, this simplistic gas mask bong will be a great option for the wallflower flower toker.

Like the Badass Glass Gas Mask Bong, this joint is a 45 degree angle. However, it’s placed a little further away.

While seeing the flame will be a bit more challenging, you’re less likely to spark an eyelash when you’re done lighting your bud.


  • Silicone Mask
  • Acrylic Bong
  • Metal Bowl


  • Minimalist Design Is Great For Less Flashy Smokers
  • Safer to Light Up With, Especially for Shaky-Handed Tokers
  • Best Filtration for Smoothest Hits


  • One-Size-Fits All, No Adjustable Head Strap

Final Verdict

Gas mask bongs are no joke. They are an efficient way to get super high, really quick. So, budget smokers who want to get baked, these are some of the best smoking tools for you.

While Project X is a little sketchy, the other three are very solid choices for everyday smokers or novices. However, the Badass Glass Gas Mask Bong has a slight edge over the others.

This high-quality gas mask water pipe is the most comfortable on the list. Even claustrophobes will get out of their heads and get lost in the clouds.

By Cannabunga

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