What is an Incycler Dab Rig? Guide

Incyclers are internal recyclers. These are very popular in the waterpipe and dab rig styles for many smokers and dabbers.

But there are some serious reasons.

Incyclers can give smooth hits if you keep the water moving through the pipe. These are one of the best methods to reduce your smoke to vapor. They are used most often for dabbing concentrates, but can also be used to pipe flower.

These chambers often have a unique dual chamber design that houses a percolator to start the diffusion process. These chambers combine great functionality with excellent flavor to extract the best from concentrates. The main chamber will be filled with water and vapor. It will then pass through the separation tubes to reach the recycling chamber. The water and the vapor loop will then travel between the chambers. The vapor will pass through the percolators many times before it leaves the mouthpiece. This ensures that it is fully filtered and smooth.


An incycler has many benefits. You won’t get a mouthful if you use the second chamber as a splashguard. Incyclers also have the advantage of filtration. The smoke is continuously filtered as it passes from the reservoir to the second chamber. The percolator will filter the smoke multiple times as it cycles, ensuring that you get a clean, consistent dab every time. Hits will be cooler, which allows for larger dabs.


As the vapor is pulled into the primary percolator, the process will begin. The vapor will then diffuse into the main chamber of the pipe. The vapor and water will then be drawn into the incycler’s internal section. The intakes will be placed at an angle that maximizes the vortex function of the incycler. The vapour will then flow through the pipe’s mouthpiece and into your lungs. Here water will be continuously drained from the pipe’s internal section and replenished in the main chamber.

Why use Incyclers

Incyclers are a good choice because water will be moving around the incycler constantly, so your vapor won’t have time to stagnate. This will ensure that you can enjoy the full flavors of your oils and waxes. Incyclers use water to cool the vapor.

People who use incyclers often talk about how much they love the drain on their machine. This basically refers to the time it takes for an internal chamber of the incycler to refill the main chamber and then empty completely. This is when you inhale your dab. It can take several seconds for it to fully exhale.

Dabbers can give you steady drains that will allow you to master the incycler function. You should buy an incycler that drains slowly if you see it. There are many incyclers that can be purchased at a budget price and some that can be used for scientific research. This means there’s something for everyone. TAG also makes some Dab Rigs with incyclers.

What are the qualities of a good Incycler?

Incycler enthusiasts often appreciate the drain on their incycler. It refers to how long it takes for the inner chamber to refill the main chamber and then empty completely. It can be quite a relaxing experience to watch this happen as you inhale your dab. Sometimes, it takes several seconds. Dabbers attribute steady, long drains to the perfect incycler function. If you find one that drains continuously for a while, don’t sleep!

By cannabunga

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