Best Gandalf Weed Pipes and Where to Buy Them!

You don’t need to be a Lord of the Rings fan to be a fan of Gandalf weed pipes. These smoking accessories are stylish and practical, as they make for a great conversation starter while holding a decent amount of bud.

Whether you’re looking for something new to express your personality or broke your trusty pipe, there are plenty of places to buy a functional pipe inspired by Gandalf.

Here are the top online headshops to carry Gandalf pipes, as well as some of the most popular items in their inventory.

Best Gandalf Weed Pipes and Where to Buy Them!
Best Gandalf Weed Pipes and Where to Buy Them!

Not many think of Gandalf pipes as easy to travel with. This 13-inch pipe comes with a silk-lined carrying case so you can puff away anywhere!

This piece has all the benefits of a Gandalf, but the perks of a hand pipe. Its bent neck prevents kickback, but helps create a sturdy base when it stands.

Smoke Cartel

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Smoke Cartel has one of the most extensive collections of Gandalf pipes in their online shops. They have basic models that are ideal for first-time smokers, as well as unique pieces for anyone looking to step up their glass collection.

We also appreciate the variety in types of Gandalf pipes that they carry. On top of glass pipes, they also sell wooden Gandalf weed pipes made from rosewood or tomato cherry wood. There truly is something for everyone at Smoke Cartel!

“Apple Churchwarden” Rosewood Sherlock Pipe


Feel fancy AF with this throwback. You’re going to love the “Apple Churchwarden” Rosewood Sherlock Pipe.

This pipe is 11.5 inches long, allowing plenty of space for smoke to cool off and the nose to stay safe when lighting up your weed. It allows you to puff away with style and elegance!

Also, cleaning up is a breeze. This piece comes with a metal mesh screen that not only prevents clogs but helps you save on wasted bud.


  • 11.5 Inches Long
  • Made of Rosewood
  • Sherlock and Gandalf Hybrid
  • Mesh Screens


  • Retro Style Makes for Great Topic Starter
  • Black Tip Adds Comfort to Mouthpiece
  • Mesh Screens Save Weed and Clean-Up Time


  • Curved Bottom Adds Stability, But Not to the Extent of Glass Pinches
  • Challenging to Clean

“Churchwarden” Rosewood Sherlock Pipe


If you love the elegance of the “Apple Churchwarden” Rosewood Sherlock Pipe but want to kick up the chicness, then consider the “Churchwarden” Rosewood Sherlock Pipe.

This piece is the granddaddy of them all in terms of length. It comes in at an extravagant 15 inches long. It’s perfect for lying back like a flapper in the Roaring ’20s that’s casually shooting the breeze, or for passing along to a group of pals that are too lazy to sit up when they reach for your bowl!

We also appreciate the care that comes into shipping this piece. It comes with a silk-lined box to ensure its safety in transit and for future travel sessions that you make with your new fave smoking accessory.


  • 15 Inches Long
  • Rosewood
  • Comes with Silk-Lined Case


  • Silk-Lined Case Ensures Safe Travels
  • Tipped and Contoured Mouthpiece for Seamless Smoke Pulls
  • Deep Bottom for Long Smoke Sessions


  • Not Recommended for Traveling Without Something to Protect It

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Brothers with Glass

Brothers with Glass is an excellent supplier of Gandalf weed pipes. It contains a wide variety of standard Gandalf pipes.

Their inventory has the perfect options for people who want to choose the color and style but don’t need all the bells and whistles some other pipes have.

Thumbnails on their site also offer unique information that other websites don’t, such as the size of the pipe and the name of the artist. This sort of window shopping might be more beneficial for someone who is looking to place an order in a hurry.

Chameleon Glass Gandalf Hand Pipe – Blue


One of the downfalls of Gandalf weed pipes is the lack of filtration. It’s a straight shot from bowl to mouth, with little room for smoke to disperse and cool down. The ergonomics of the Chameleon Glass Gandalf Hand Pipe makes for some of the smoothest hits on this list. Its curved body gives the hot smoke more movement. That allows more heat particles to collide and essentially cool down so that you get flavorful smoke that’s easy on the lungs.

Since it’s curved, this pipe stands better than some other Gandalf pipes, even without the presence of glass nubs. With that said, it’s a little more challenging to hold onto, as it has a less defined shape than what you might be used to!


  • 9.5 Inches Long
  • 1.5 Inch Wide Bowl
  • Made in Arizona
  • Curved Body


  • Cools Down Smoke Better Than Some Other Gandalf Weed Pipes
  • Stands Well Compared to Some Other Pipes


  • Shape is Challenging to Hold
  • Curved Body Makes Cleaning Tough

Starfish Designs 16 Inch Gandalf Hand Pipe


If size matters to you, then you can’t get much longer than the Starfish Designs 16 Inch Gandalf Hand Pipe. This sleek smoking accessory allows for a dramatic drag of slightly cooled down smoke.

It will be less harsh on the lungs than some of the smaller bowls. However, it’s straight path makes it comparable to the shorter-but-curved Chameleon.

Since it’s so long and thin, this Gandalf weed pipe must be handled with care. If you are hitting the town with a glass pipe, consider something a bit smaller.


  • 16 Inches Long
  • 2 Inches Wide
  • Six Different Colors
  • Made in Oregon


  • Very Stylish
  • One of the Better Gandalf Pipes for Cooling Down Smoke
  • Deep Bowl for Long Smoke Sessions


  • Very Fragile
  • Hard to Clean


Amazon has everything, including some of the best Gandalf hand pipes on the internet. You can’t beat the convenience of ordering from Amazon. Just throw a pipe in your cart with the toilet paper and a cheap bag of rice add-on, and call it a day!

Many Gandalf pipes on Amazon come with Prime delivery available. Therefore, you are guaranteed fast service and easy returns for unwanted products.

With that said, Amazon is monstrously big and made record profits during the pandemic. Please consider a smaller shop that has similar inventory and prices first.

Shire Pipe Churchwarden Tomahawk – 13″


If you loved the Churchwarden pipes at Smoke Cartel, you’d also love the Shire Pipe Churchwarden Tomahawk – 13″ / Cherry. This piece is a bit more polished looking, giving it a more old-school Hollywood feel than the others.

Of the Churchwardens, this one has the most stable bottle. It’s the most comfortable to hold and has the ideal-sized basin for continuous puffs.

As with many Gandalfs, cleaning might come with some set of hiccups. However, extra-long pipe cleaners will do the trick and get in far easier than some of the glass Gandalf pipes.


  • 13 Inches Long
  • Comes with Silk-Lined Case
  • Smooth, Polished Cherry Wood


  • The Ease and Convenience of Amazon
  • One of the Easier Pipes to Clean
  • Bowl Fits Comfortably in Hand


  • Ash Might Fly Up and Into Mouth
  • Prone to Cracking

LOTR 13.2″ Tobacco Smoking Pipe Churchwarden | Pipes – (33cm) *Lord of The Rings* Tree of Gondor


If you’re going to smoke a Gandalf weed pipe, you might as well get one that’s inspired by its namesake. Lord of the Rings fans will go insane over the LOTR 13.2″ Tobacco Smoking Pipe Churchwarden.

This beautifully made pipe comes with a tobacco camera that holds the pipe and ash. It’s shaped like a shield that’s also emblazoned with the Tree of Life.

The stem gets smaller as you get to the mouthpiece, making this one of the harder ones to clean. In fact, the tip can be quite fragile. So, you might want to save this for novelty smoke sessions.


  • 13.2 Inches Long
  • 4.1 Inches Wide
  • 1.97 Inch Deep Tobacco Camera


  • Novelty Pipe That’s Guaranteed to Start a Convo
  • Tobacco Camera Works Nicely For Holding Pipe, Collecting Ash, Breaking Up Weed
  • Amazon Convenience


  • Very Fragile, Not for Everyday Use


DankStop is one of the premiere smoke shops. However, they have a very limited set of Gandalf weed pipes.

With that said, the ones they have are very unique. We love the vibrancy and personality in their pieces.

Much like Brothers with Glass, DankStop gives a lot of the information you need right under each thumbnail. So, if you’re in a rush and want to find an attractive pipe from a small variety of options, DankStop is the one-stop shop you need!

13” Fumed Swirl Gandalf Pipe


This pipe is the thinnest of them all. You look like you’re on top of a mountain yelling “Ricola” with the 13″ Fumed Swirl Gandalf Pipe.

Its bent neck is exaggerated for aesthetics. However, it also prevents weed from kicking back and burning your throat.

We love the sleekness and beautiful detail of this pipe. Just be careful in transit or when you try to clean. It can be pretty delicate!


  • 13 Inches Long
  • Bent Neck
  • Colored Glass


  • Deep Bowl and Lightweight Glass Allows for Relaxing Smoke Experiences
  • Beautiful Colored Glass
  • Bent Neck Prevents Backsplash Due to Hot Ash


  • Fragile, Might Not Travel Well
  • Difficult to Clean

Gandalf Sherlock Pipe


Want something a little more sturdy but still sleek? Consider the Gandalf Sherlock Pipe.

This piece also has a bent neck that prevents hot kickback. However, it’s less defined. With this spoon-like feature, the bowl rests comfortably on your thumb as you hang out and burn.

Also, the curve of the bowl creates a nice balancing act for this pipe. It’s less likely to roll over and spill weed than many of the other options on this list.


  • Bent Neck
  • Thick Glass
  • Deep Bowl


  • Spoon Bottom Adds Stability When Standing and Comfort While Holding
  • Bent Neck Prevents Burned Lips


  • Bowl is Advertised As Deep, But Not as Deep As the Others
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