Delta-8 Bites – Strawberry Gummies – 150mg

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Sweet tasting strawberries now have a buzz that will take you to all new heights thanks to new Delta-8 THC Bites. It’s a delicious Strawberry gummy infused with Delta-8 THC. Enjoy the flavor of Strawberry while experiencing the world’s only 100 percent, completely legal high. But hurry! It’s a buzz that can go away at any time. Grab your travel-size bag of completely legal Delta-8 bites in Strawberry today, before it’s too late. Delta-8 bites are made with industrial hemp, include no pesticides, and up to 0.3 percent THC. Grab yours today while you still can!You can take the sweet fruity taste of strawberries and enjoy a buzzy new high with Delta-8 THC. It’s a burst of energy and a ball of relaxation all in one. It’s hemp and cannabinoids in a whole new light. You can relax or go wild with these scrumptious new bites. After all, their the bite-size Delta-8 gummies that give you an amazing legal high. Now available in Strawberry, these Delta-8 THC bites include 150mg of your favorite new cannabinoid, the only legal hemp-derived compound that gives you an ultimate buzz. With Delta-8 Bites, you’ll feel relaxed and buzzed in new and exciting ways.With 6 pieces per bag at 25mg each, you can take your buzz to new heights the way you choose to do so. Imagine a legal high that’s completely safe – that’s Delta-8 THC. And do it all with the delicious flavor of Strawberry. Pop some Delta-8 Bites today and see what the buzz is all about. It’s a bite-size experience with a big punch!These are Delta-8 THC gummies with a kick! You can relax or go wild with these scrumptious new bites. You’ll want to dose conservatively (unless you don’t!). Delta-8 THC bites offer you the world’s only legal high. Imagine being able to fly as high as you want on your own terms with Delta-8 THC. Have fun alone or with friends. Delta-8 THC Bites in Strawberry are bite-size gummies that let you enjoy this experience on your own terms.


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