How Long Do Weed Seeds Last?

When it comes to growing weed, many people ask, “how long does a weed seed last?” This is a question that many growers and marijuana enthusiasts have.

There are several factors that can affect the longevity of cannabis seeds, including Humidity, soil quality, temperature, and even the seed’s genetics. By understanding some of the factors that can affect your weed seeds’ longevity, you can be more confident about their success.

Sonoma Seeds

If you are a cannabis connoisseur, you’ve probably come across the adage, “you get what you pay for.” Well, the same holds true for seeds. If you are willing to spend your hard-earned dollars, you can get a lot more than your money’s worth. Luckily, a company in California named Sonoma Seeds is here to serve.

There are a few key things to know about Sonoma Seeds. First, this company has been around for quite some time. In fact, the company was established in 2005. Second, the company has a well-stocked inventory of both male and female cannabis seeds, including a decent selection of feminized seeds. Finally, the company ships practically anywhere in the world, and uses a stealth packaging system to keep your purchases safe.

One of the best parts of this seed shop is the customer service. Unlike most seed companies, the staff is courteous and professional. For example, in the rare instance that you receive a damaged seed, you can simply send it back and they’ll swap it out for the same batch at no charge. Another perk is that if you happen to buy seed from Sonoma Seeds that you dislike, you can return it for a full refund.

Other than a few hiccups, this seed shop has been a pleasure to work with. They are quick to reply to queries and have a great selection of products for the discerning customer. Their shipping costs are also reasonable. Lastly, the company’s website features an easy-to-use interface with an FAQ section that covers all of your seed-related queries.

The company has a great customer support department that is willing to help you with any query, no matter how trivial. You can also get free seeds when you spend more than $200.

Seed Supreme

There is no shortage of choices in the Seed Supreme for weed seeds catalog. Their range includes both regular and autoflowering strains. You can also choose from a variety of feminized varieties.

A potent sativa hybrid, Chocolope Candy is an energetic and cerebral strain that brings physical and spiritual serenity. The euphoric high is balanced with a pleasant aftertaste. This strain is perfect for daytime use.

Despite its name, Girl Scout Cookies is a powerful indica. It produces a balanced high and is best grown outdoors. Typically, this Sativa-dominant plant has an earthy aroma.

If you are new to marijuana cultivation, this is a good choice. It can be harvested in early October and offers a wide variety of flavors and effects.

This Sativa-dominant weed seed is a powerful and uplifting daytime strain that provides relief from pain. It is suitable for both medicinal and recreational users.

With a THC content of over 20%, GSC is one of the most potent and versatile strains available. Growers can expect a super-resilient phenotype that is highly resilient against pests and diseases.

The high is very powerful and it can last for hours. It is ideal for those who want a full-body high.

The aroma of Jilly Bean is reminiscent of pineapple, mango, and pepper. It is ideal for growing in sunkissed summer climates. Moreover, this Sativa-dominant hybrid is easy to grow.

The Seed Supreme for weed seeds catalog is a great source for the best strains from the USA. It contains a variety of cultivars that are renowned for their medicinal properties. Choosing the right cannabis seeds for your cultivation is crucial.

You can learn more about how to enhance the effects of your cannabis plants through the SeedSupreme marijuana blog.

Germination guarantee

If you want to grow cannabis, you need to know the best way to germinate your weed seeds. There are a few different ways, but they all require a bit of planning and some knowledge.

The first step is to make sure that your seeds are of good quality. Seeds that are pale or white tend to have a harder time germinating.

You will also want to store your seeds in a cool, dark place. They should be kept in a sealed plastic bag or container, and should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

To get started, you will need to soak the seeds for around 12 hours. The next day, you will need to plant them in a growing medium such as soil or coco. Your seeds will start to sprout within a few days.

Once your cannabis seeds have been planted, you will need to keep an eye on them. If you notice that a majority of them are failing, you can ask for replacements. Most seed banks will do this for you.

Another option is to take the seeds out and put them into a glass of water. You will need to add a little bit of warm water. But do not let them soak. Otherwise, they will drown.

If your seeds do not germinate within a week, you can exchange them for another batch of seeds. In addition to offering a germination guarantee, ILGM also offers free shipping to most US states, as well as educational resources.

Other companies, such as Crop King Seeds, offer fast discreet deliveries. However, their germination guarantee is only 80%. So you will want to look elsewhere if you are concerned about your weed seeds sprouting.

Humidity affects cannabis seeds

When you are growing cannabis seeds, you need to be aware of the importance of humidity. If your plants have too little or too much moisture, the results can be disastrous.

Marijuana seeds are hardy, but they can be damaged by a variety of conditions. Among the most common problems are excess moisture and temperature changes. The best way to preserve your cannabis seeds is to keep them in a cool, dark, and dry environment.

Cannabis seeds can last several years in storage. Keeping them in a freezer, a sealed container, or a jar is a good idea. They should be labeled with the date, strain name, and the number of seeds.

Seeds can also be stored in bags or pouches, without an address window. These can be kept in the freezer, and the bag method can keep seeds for up to 5 years.

Another option is to use paper seed envelopes. This allows trapped moisture to escape, and can also be used in conjunction with a desiccant pack to help dry the seeds.

Aside from the aforementioned moisture and humidity factors, light is another major threat to the viability of your cannabis seeds. For example, if you are storing your seeds in an airtight jar, make sure you do not place a light bulb next to it.

Temperature also affects the germination and growth of cannabis seeds. Younger plants require higher temperatures to germinate, while mature plants can tolerate lower temperatures. However, you must avoid exposing your seeds to extreme of temperatures.

You can also use a micro-aspersion irrigation system or flood irrigation to maintain proper humidity levels. In addition, you should defoliate your plants to reduce the risk of mildews and molds.

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