Does Cannabis Like Hot Weather? Growing Cannabis Tips

If you want to grow cannabis in a climate that has a hot, humid summer, you should be prepared for a lot of work. The weather can be very unpredictable, and while some plants will flourish in a climate that is hot and dry, other strains will struggle to survive. Here are some tips to ensure your cannabis will thrive during a hot, humid summer.


If you are planning on growing cannabis, you may have concerns about the effects of heat. However, in the right conditions, your plant will thrive and produce quality buds. The key is to ensure your plants are well-cared for. Whether you are an indoor or outdoor grower, here are some tips for maximizing the benefit of hot weather.

Cannabis likes to grow at a temperature of about 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit (25-29 degrees Celsius). During the vegetative phase, plants will benefit from slightly cooler night temperatures. By keeping nighttime temperatures lower, your plant will be able to grow upwards more quickly.

As with any plant, you can damage your marijuana by exposing it to too much heat. This can affect the growth, quality, and potency of your crop. High temperatures also increase the likelihood of fungi and mold. A moldy crop can cause bud rot, reducing the final harvest. In addition, powdery mildew can cause root rot.

To avoid these problems, you should always keep your cannabis plants in a shaded area. The shade will block out the midday sun, which will prevent your plants from getting burnt. You can also cover your plants with tarpaulins to provide additional protection.

Temperatures above 80oF can decrease the bud’s smell and taste. Your buds will also be more susceptible to nutrient burning. Too much heat can also reduce the amount of cannabinoids and terpenes your buds contain.

Although some strains are adapted to high temperatures, most don’t. You can avoid these issues by choosing seeds with above-average heat resistance. Additionally, you can use bright grow lights to help your cannabis thrive in temperatures over 70oF.

In order to get the most from your plant, you should monitor the temperatures in your grow room. While perfect temperatures are hard to achieve, you can use knowledge of the optimum range for your climate to create the right environment for your plant.

Many indoor growers consider temperatures above 30oC to be too hot. It is important to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity levels of your grow room and to make changes when necessary. Use an electric hygrometer or a wireless monitoring solution to track the conditions in your grow room.

If your weather is very humid, you should make sure that your plants receive adequate water. You can spray your plants with water to cool them. Also, you can move your plant into a shaded spot if the daytime temperature is too warm.

While marijuana can grow in just about any environment, you can create the perfect environment for your plants in a greenhouse or grow room. Just be sure to monitor the temperature and humidity to prevent mold or other problems from occurring.

Hot and dry climates can be found in a number of desert-like regions around the world. These include parts of the Mediterranean and southern states in North America.


There are many things that cannabis plants need to flourish, but humidity is one of the most important. Humidity levels determine how much water the plant can take through its leaves. Too little humidity and a plant may suffer from a variety of issues.

As you get your grow room ready for your cannabis seedlings to grow, it is important to know what the humidity level needs to be. This will help you to achieve the best yields. While the correct amount of moisture is necessary, too little can be harmful to your plants, while too much can cause bud rot and mold.

Young clones require a lot of moisture in order to survive, so you want to ensure that you have humidity levels that are appropriate for their growth stages. If the air around your plants is too dry, you’ll need a dehumidifier. On the other hand, if your environment is too humid, you’ll need a supplemental ventilation system to keep the air moving.

You’ll also need to ensure that the grow room has a proper temperature. Cannabis grows better at temperatures that range between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, warmer air holds more moisture than cold air. During the day, temperatures should be between 70 and 80 degrees. At night, they should be a couple of degrees cooler.

To achieve the perfect amount of humidity, you’ll need to use a humidity sensor. Several companies, including Atlas Scientific, have a humidity sensor that you can purchase to help you keep your grow room at a comfortable level. The device works by measuring the relative humidity (RH) of the air in your grow room. A digital hygrometer will cost you about $10, while an analog hygrometer will cost about $5.

When your cannabis plants reach their vegetative stage, they’ll complete leafy growth and stem elongation. They’ll continue to take in water through their leaves, but they’ll need to be watered less often. That’s because they’ll be evaporating more water throughout the day.

Your cannabis plants can go through four different stages of growth: the vegetative, flowering, fruiting, and harvesting stages. Each of these stages needs to be properly managed to ensure that you have a successful crop. One of the most common issues that crop owners experience is bud rot.

Bud rot is an infection that occurs when a plant takes in too much water and too little air. Symptoms include mold and mildew growth inside the bud. It is usually present for several days before a grower is able to detect it.

If you notice a wet spot on a leaf, your humidity levels may be too high. Keep the humidity at a consistent level by using a humidity sensor or a dehumidifier.

Strains that thrive in hot weather

There are many reasons to plant a cannabis seed indoors, or outdoors if the weather is on your side. The plethora of benefits includes a more stable environment, as well as a less intimidating growing area. As mentioned, if your locale does not feature a temperate climate, air conditioning may be a luxury you can’t afford. Luckily, there are some online seed banks that sell a variety of heat-resistant strains. They even offer discounts during special times of the year. One such online seed bank is the Seedsman Seed Bank, and they have a slew of top-of-the-line strains to choose from. Plus, they deliver their wares in a timely fashion. Besides, buying seeds online makes it easier to pick the right strain for your needs.

It’s a matter of choice, but the best place to purchase your next bud is an online seed bank. Here, you can browse through thousands of strains and select the best ones for your garden. In addition to the seeds, you can also order fertilizer and other supplies online. Whether you’re a novice grower or a seasoned vet, a seed bank can help ensure your success. Using a seed bank can save you a bundle on your next crop, not to mention the headaches associated with a DIY marijuana grow. Moreover, it can be a lot of fun to watch the fruits of your labor sprout into full flower. Whether you’re an avid cannabis enthusiast or a novice, a seed bank can help you make your hobby a thriving venture.

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