Cannabis Clones: Everything You Need To Know About Growing Plant

There are numerous ways to start growing a marijuana plant. The chosen method generally depends on the purpose of growing the plant. You can set up a hydroponic system if you wish to grow cannabis indoors for personal (recreational or medicinal) use. On the other hand, if you wish to grow a plant for commercial purposes, you can cultivate it outdoors or in a greenhouse. 

Whatever method you choose to cultivate cannabis, selecting between seeding or cloning remains tough. 

Ideally, clones are an excellent way to start a cannabis plant if you don’t intend to deal directly with seeds. Using this method will save you time simply because you don’t have to germinate seeds, which will shorten the growing time significantly. With that being said, let’s learn about cannabis clones in detail!

  • What Is A Cannabis Clone?

A clone is a piece of a living marijuana plant, such as a branch, that is broken off and grows into its own plant. A clone shares the same genetic structure as the mother plant from which it was extracted.

A normal clone is around 6 inches long, give or take, and after being taken from the mother plant, it is placed in a medium like a rooting cube and provided a hormone to promote root growth. It is then put into a pot or into the ground, where it will grow like every cannabis plant.

  • Why Do People Prefer This Method?

One of the most appealing characteristics of Cannabis Clones is that they are genetically identical to the mother plant from which they were extracted. You can take clones of any marijuana plant you like and grow it repeatedly, whether for its appearance, scent, effects, or otherwise.

  • What Is The Mother Plant?

A mother plant is any cannabis plant from which you have taken a clone. Mother plants should be strong and robust, as their genetics will be passed down to the clones—a sickly mother plant will produce unhealthy clones.

As clones are snipped off, mother plants remain in a vegetative state. Also, know that it’s crucial not to take cuttings from a blossoming weed plant because this can turn the clone into a hermaphrodite and harm the flowering plant.

  • What To Look For When Buying Cannabis Clones?

If you do not have a mother plant, you can also get clones from a nearby dispensary. Nevertheless, there are a few things you must pay attention to when buying clones. 

Diseases, pests, wrongly labeled genetics, and unknown chemical residues can all arrive from a mystery clone, so it is crucial to know where they came from. Make sure to look for pests in all areas of your clone. Large pests like fungus gnats and spider mites are quite easy to identify. Check under each leaf and the soil medium for bugs, as some reside there.

Powdery mildew (PM) is a frequent clone disease with mold spores spreading to neighboring plants. Look for white powder on the stems and leaves.

Wrapping It All Up

Whatever your purpose for growing a cannabis plant may be, make sure to keep the information given in this article in your mind during cultivation. It will ensure that your plant grows healthily and uplifts your garden.

By cannabunga

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