Top 9 Best CBD Oil [List & Guide]

CBD has today become widespread around the world. The product range is only getting bigger and bigger, which means better and cheaper products for many different usage areas. CBD oil today is easily available and safe to buy from several different stores.

We have tested various CBD products and believe that CBD oil is the easiest to use and gives the best effect. Below you can read about some of the best and most popular CBD oils on the market. But before we do that, let’s go through the basics of CBD oil and what you should know.

Which CBD oil is best?

There are several aspects that we examine when selecting the best CBD oils. When it comes to CBD oil, we base the rating on both our own experiences and information from retailers, manufacturers, and customer reviews. We find out how the oil is produced, from plant to finished product.

There are differences between different plants and cultivation methods that can be noticed in the end result. You should look for a full spectrum CBD oil, which means that you get a wide amount of different cannabinoids for the best possible effect.

Buyer’s guide: How to choose the right CBD oil

CBD oil is made from cannabis plants, but many of the CBD oils are completely free of the psychoactive substance THC., even though CBD oils are also available with THC.

When you use CBD oil without THC, it means that you do not get high on the oil. By extracting, among other things, THC, a highly concentrated cannabidiol oil is produced which can be used to provide a number of different health effects. To find the right oil, you need to decide whether to buy full spectrum or isolate and what strength the oil should have.

Full-spectrum or isolate?

CBD can come in two different forms: isolate or full spectrum. Full-spectrum is CBD that has been purified from fiber and large proteins but where various cannabinoids have been left behind. Isolate is the result of a long process to get as clean a product as possible.

Full-spectrum contains different cannabinoids that together can create a strong synergy by amplifying each other’s effect. But full-spectrum is more expensive and often contains some levels of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC, even if it is not intended to. This is due to the fact that the purification process leaves such an unrefined oil that the manufacturer has had difficulty in determining exactly which cannabinoids have remained.

Isolate, on the other hand, is purified much more thoroughly, leaving a CBD oil with almost 100% CBD. This makes it easier for the manufacturer to produce, ensure dosage and make sure it is THC-free. Isolate is, therefore, cheaper but may have a worse effect than full spectrum. If you have tried isolate but not noticed any effect, you should try full-spectrum, there is a difference in how the different oils work.

It is usually better to choose a full-spectrum oil than an isolate. But it is not certain that you will react better to full-spectrum than isolates so it may be worth trying both. Full-spectrum is considered to be the better form of CBD oil.


The strength of CBD oil usually varies between 5% and 25%. We recommend that beginners try a weaker oil to later, if necessary, try a more concentrated product. Since different individuals are affected very differently by CBD, it is important to start slowly and feel what works well.

But in general, it can be said that a CBD content of 5% is for general well-being and counteracts minor ailments such as nausea, 10-15% can be used for moderate stress, discomfort in the body, milder chronic pain, and sleep problems. Over 15% is used to relieve anxiety, depression, epilepsy, and stronger pain.

Keep in mind that you can achieve the same effect with low-grade oil as with stronger oil, just increase the dose. Two drops of oil of 5% correspond to one drop of 10%. You do not need to buy a new product to increase the content.


To find the right dose, you have to test yourself. The correct dose depends on both body weight and height, individual sensitivity, and desired effect. As we have pointed out before, it is smart to start with a low dose and test yourself, by gradually increasing the dose. Try a low dose for the first few days and feel what the oil does for you, and increase the dose if necessary to find the effect you are striving for. In general, the following can be said about dosage:

  • 1 mg CBD per 5 kg body weight is a low dose.
  • 3 mg CBD per 5 kg body weight is a medium dose.
  • 6 mg CBD per 5 kg body weight is a high dose.

Follow those steps to start finding the right one. Of course, read the product you bought for further advice and guidelines regarding consumption and dosage.

Best CBD oils

Nanocraft CBD Pure CBD Oil Drops

Top 9 Best CBD Oil [List & Guide]

This CBD oil is developed for your overall health and wellbeing and is not a specific issue. It’s just an overall great CBD oil for feeling better in body and mind. It is a broad-spectrum CBD, meaning that all the hemp compounds will work together to boost and improve the benefits of CBD. Thanks to a  food-grade ethanol distilling process, it maintains the purity and potency of the extract. The oil is flavored with a lovely ginger and citrus flavor, perfect if you don’t like the natural taste of hemp.

FAB CBD Premium CBD Oil Drops

Top 9 Best CBD Oil [List & Guide]

FAB CBD oils are amongst the most popular on the market. It is a full-spectrum blend that does not contain any trace amounts of THC from hemp. This CBD is suitable for achieveving balance and equilibrium in the body through supporting their endocannabinoid system.

WV Pure 2040mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Top 9 Best CBD Oil [List & Guide]

This full-spectrum CBD oil is processed using organically-grown hemp from the Greenbrier River Valley of West Virginia. It contains natural premium CBD hemp oil that has not been processed with chemicals or preservatives.

It gives you all of the benefits that you can expect from a full-spectrum CBD oil and contains lots of health-beneficial ingredients like CBDA, terpenes, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. It is appreciated for the fact that it has double the average potency of other national brands.

Halal CBD Oil Drops

Top 9 Best CBD Oil [List & Guide]

Halal CBD is a popular CBD brand, known for its qualitative products. The oil is free from CBD and contains an array of cannabinoids.

They are available in neutral flavor, but also mango and date varieties if you don’t prefer a natural taste.

Nanocraft CBD High Potency Broad Spectrum Oil Drops

Top 9 Best CBD Oil [List & Guide]

This is a high potency CBD oil with great quality and purity. It is a broad spectrum oil that give you benefits not only from CBD but also other naturally occurring cannabinoids.

CBD, CBG, CBC and CBN work together in this CBD oil to bring you maximum results.

Tulip Tree Gardens CBD Oil

Top 9 Best CBD Oil [List & Guide]

This premium CBD oil is a full spectrum oil and also happens to be Tulip Tree’s #1 recommended product.

It is a hemp seed oil-based CBD made from cold-pressed unrefined hemp seed oil and also contains multiple beneficial ingredients such as Omega 3, 6, 9, and antioxidants. It is available in many different flavors and bottle sizes.

It is suitable for when you need therapeutic need as a wellness regime, and anti-inflammatory.

CannaAid Calm CBD Drops

Top 9 Best CBD Oil [List & Guide]

CannaAid is known for its high quality lipid-infused full spectrum CBD tincture. This CBD oil soothes both mind and body and it is specifically formulated to maximize feelings of calm. It is ideal if you suffer from insomnia, anxiety, stress, tension, pain, or any other of these ailments. It is available in a variety of potencies, and being a “full spectrum” sublingual tincture, it contains the entire spectrum of cannabinoids naturally present in hemp.

Nanocraft CBD Day Oil Drops

Top 9 Best CBD Oil [List & Guide]

This CBD oil gives you a clear head, focused mind, and a driven spirit. It uses broad-spectrum extract, meaning it contains the full entourage effect of cannabinoids with 0 traces of THC. It is made specifically for maximum effectiveness during the daytime. It also contains additional beneficial ingredients such as CBG, Vitamin B12, Lion’s Mane, and caffeine for that extra energy boost.

In their own words, “this formula will give you the boost you need to take on the world one day at a time.”

CannaAid Original CBD Tincture

Top 9 Best CBD Oil [List & Guide]

This CBD Tincture blend is a formulation that gives you the full entourage effect of all-natural hemp. It focuses on benefits such as mood, relaxation, focus, pain relief, and more. The benefit that a tincture gives you is a potent dose of CBD that can easily and effectively be consumed. It gets an effect already after a few minuts.

Side effects at too high a dose

There are some side effects of CBD, both at normal and high doses. It is therefore important to get acquainted with the oil and try it out before driving at full strength in everyday life. If you experience any side effects from CBD, they usually go away after the first or second time you try the oil. If you experience major problems, lower the dose or stop using CBD oil altogether.

Dry mouth – A relatively common effect of CBD. CBD can reduce saliva production which leads to dryness in the mouth. There is nothing to worry about and is easily solved by drinking something.

Hunger and Appetite – A common effect of CBD is changes in appetite. It is also a desirable effect for many who want to influence the feeling of hunger. Regulate the appetite by adjusting the dose, it is extremely individual if a high dose gives an increased feeling of hunger or vice versa.

Blood pressure – Slightly lowered blood pressure is a common effect of CBD. If you suffer from certain blood pressure-sensitive ailments or diseases, you should take this property seriously, otherwise it will not be noticed in daily life.

Stomach – For beginners, the stomach can become a bit sensitive. As with many other supplements and health preparations, the stomach initially reacts and then quickly adapts. Adjust dose and timing with meal to find the best time to take CBD oil for you.

Fatigue – An unusual side effect of CBD. Better sleep is a common reason to take CBD, but for first-time users and at too high doses, unwanted fatigue can occur, lower the dose and accustom the body to CBD.

Discomfort and dizziness – An unusual side effect, but slightly more common for beginners who take too strong doses. Drowsiness, dizziness, and general discomfort in the body may occur shortly after you have ingested the oil and sit in for a few hours. Drink water, rest and relax and it will come with it.

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