The Different Ways to Consume CBD

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a derivative taken from the cannabis plant, whereby the oils are extracted and purified, with a wide range of applicable uses. Studies have shown that CBD is capable of addressing a multitude of ailments and depending on the method of consumption, particular conditions can be alleviated. In this post, we’ll be exploring the varying methods to consume CBD and receive the health-enhancing benefits of this unique type of oil.

What is CBD?

Available in a variety of stores, as well as via an online bulk CBD distributor, cannabidiol is a unique substance with a great range of health-boosting properties. As no THC is present, the risks associated with regular cannabis exposure are negated and many medical practitioners actively endorse the oil for use by patients suffering from conditions such as arthritis, dermal conditions and a host of other medical issues.

How Can CBD Be Consumed?

Due to its versatile nature, there is a broad spectrum of methods for consuming the oil. These include:

  • Oral ingestion
  • Direct skin application
  • Vaping with an electronic cigarette

Oral Ingestion

The quickest and easiest method of consumption is by adding a few drops (or the recommended daily dose) of CBD to a beverage. There’s no limit on which type of drink can be enjoyed, although water will be digested by the stomach in the fastest time, so many users of CBD opt for this method.

Direct Skin Application

Another excellent way to use CBD is by applying it to the skin directly. It can be rubbed into an afflicted area (such as the ball of the foot where irritation or a rash is present). Once absorbed by the dermal layers, the properties of CBD can begin to go to work by actively healing and encouraging the growth and repair of damaged cells. Over time, this can provide a revitalised dermal surface and this method has even been used to help with scarring.


Another popular method of CBD consumption is via vaping, whereby the oil is mixed with an appropriate e-liquid and then vaped. This allows the vapour to enter the lungs and bloodstream rapidly, providing a direct channel for the CBD to help in a range of ways.

Final thoughts on CBD

As CBD production is carefully regulated by authorities, it is widely considered to be safe to use – and as briefly mentioned earlier in this article, it is recommended by many medical experts. The higher quality the CBD, the better the results and this healthy substance is still being researched due to the sheer volume of health benefits that it has been found to offer.

By cannabunga

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