Activities for when it’s freakin’ hot

August 10, 2022by cannabunga

Picture this; you and your group of friends are planning to meet with each other this upcoming Saturday. This appointment has been made months ago, and it is finally time to do so! But then… It turned out to be tremendously hot that day. Normally, it is around 25 degrees Celsius, but they forecast 35 degrees Celsius nowadays. Your initial plan; an obstacle run with the boys, does not sound like so much fun anymore. You have to think of a new activity before your whole day goes to pot. 

Is the above scenario familiar to you? Are you looking for some ideas for activities with your group of friends or family? Please read beneath through and you might find some inspiration! 

Rent a boat

Ok, not that original at all, but certainly a very good idea! In a lot of cities and places you can rent a boat that is not too expensive. The sizes of the boats vary between 2-persons till a group of 60-persons, so you definitely would be able to go on the boat with your group of friends or family. When you are looking for a real good time on a boat, please be aware that you really should book in time; before there is no boat available anymore. 

Watery days

Another activity that has something to do with water and boats, is renting a canoe. When it is very hot, kayaking or canoeing is a very nice activity. The fun of it, is that you still need to take things in hand yourself (literally; doing the canoeing), but when you think it is too hot, you easily can take a dip in the water. Thereby, when you have the canoe for the whole day, you can take it easy and have a picnic or dinner in the meanwhile! 


Maybe a little bit random, but if you really think it is too hot and you don’t see yourself and your friends sweating in the sun for a few hours, just take chill-pill. It is not obligated to be in the sun when it’s shining. You could also choose to be inside, when you prefer that. Maybe you would like to go to the cinema; new movies and an airco, sounds tempting right? Or you organize a nice party in the evening, so that the sun is already down. The possibilities are endless, and don’t forget; when you are with your friends, it most of the time is fun already!  

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